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Meet Katrin


Katharina Janik Bossmann, born in Oak Park, Illinois, is an internationally known printmaker. She grew up in a bilingual household where art and music were emphasized and after a career as an opera singer, the study of printmaking is where she truly found her medium, combining her love of art and science. She received her MFA in printmaking from Kansas State University. The exploration of boundaries, natural or otherwise, and the movement surrounding them is a theme that unites much of her history and research. As a child of immigrants, the question of belonging or “where is home” has been a large part of her conscience or unconscious life. She immigrated to Europe and also migrated back with her then immigrant family and has often felt as if she has no roots- belonging to two cultures but really of none. Katharina uses her prints, drawings and artist's books to illuminate and question the boundaries we place on ourselves and the desire to connect with others.


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