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In many ways, place is an accumulation of experiences, not just a geological point on a map. As a child of immigrants, the question of belonging or “where is home” has been a large part of my conscious or unconscious life. I myself immigrated to Europe and also migrated back with my immigrant family and I have often felt as if I have no roots-belonging to two cultures but really of none. Inspired by the murmurations formed by bird migrations, I have created multi-layer etchings that show the freedom and movement of these peregrinations. Animals, trees and plants are “nationless” in that they cross political or natural borders without any concerns except to find a place to make their home.


I want to explore those boundaries we establish around us, be they natural borders, national borders, cultural limitations or even the restrictions during the pandemic and the longing to be free of them. In my work, I try to use form and light to create something that is “extracted” from place and memory. Transparent layers of color form much of my work and are abstract, forming ultimately an image of desire and response. For me these layers are reminiscent of poetry, describing something that is in the shadows - barely there - and are layered together to create the image as a whole. The world has now experienced the isolation and unique communication experiences that are common to anyone who immigrates away from their family and friends. This new Third Space - meeting in the air – not here or there – and suspended in time is how I have responded to my inspirations. I use my prints, drawings and artist’s books to illuminate and question the boundaries we place on ourselves and the desire to connect with others.

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